Livio Seguso

Design drawings

Beyond the sign, the sound

At this point, it is necessary to reflect on the artist’s graphic activity that began as a child with the study of drawing under the guidance of the secessionist painter Vittorio Zecchin. When Livio Seguso felt his passion for glass, he realized how important this art was in defining the form he perceived in his imagination and determining the execution process. In the early days, he confined himself to basic sketches, perhaps hasty but essential to make clear the idea and the implementation purpose he would put in place to bring his plan to fruition, to make it easier for his collaborators to support operations. Later, the artist also treats his drawings with chalk, colored pastels, and watercolors techniques that make them very interesting and pleasing.

…in Livio Seguso’s artwork, the sign is the indispensable tool for recognizing the forms that stir his imagination and give them visual concreteness. The image then acquires an autonomous formal value and lives its own life. Through this process, Seguso asserts his creative freedom, bringing forth distinctive forms that were previously unknown, thus focusing on a personal formal and expressive signature, the only one that represents him, and becoming his most authentic spiritual self-portrait.

Enzo Di Martino, art critic, Venice