Livio Seguso

Aquatint, etching and relief

The mark of our time

At a certain point in Livio Seguso’s artistic career, a new expressive tendency emerged, different from the previous ones but decidedly coherent with his creative vision. This happened due to the convincing suggestions of the renowned critic Enzo Di Martino, who encouraged him to approach the art of engraving. With determination, but above all with passion and enthusiasm, Seguso embraced this branch of art, maintaining his innate procedural rigor focused on that instinctive ability to calibrate precise geometric harmony with conscious order. Even in his graphic work, the artist achieves a surprising expressive autonomy, which also earned him the XXX International Graphic Art Award Do Forni 2015.

…the statement by Degas, “Drawing is not the form, but the way of seeing the form” perfectly fits Livio Seguso’s plastic vision, in which it is impossible to notice any formal fracture between the drawn or engraved work and sculpture.
…Through this process, the artist claims his imaginative freedom, which has little to do with reality, bringing forth on paper – as seen in these ‘precious’ engravings, forms that previously did not exist. It is an ancient progression that starts from the graffiti of Altamira and reaches the ‘sign of our time.’
These engravings then characterize Seguso’s ‘expressive calligraphy,’ which allows for the recognition and specificity of his ‘worldview’.

Enzo Di Martino, art critic, Venice