Livio Seguso


  1. 1968—1973

    At the beginning, the drop. Formal propensities of glass

    At the beginning, the drop
  2. 1974—1978

    In the heart of glass. Permeability of light

    In the heart of glass
  3. 1978—1980

    The triumph of light. Purity and spatiality

    The triumph of light
  4. 1981—1986

    Towards infinity. The poetry of light

    Towards infinity
  5. 1987—1993

    Junctions of ideas. Another material

    Junctions of ideas
  6. 1994—2001

    Relentless intuitions. The rigor of marble

    Relentless intuitions
  7. 2002—2013

    The charm of wood. The poetics of materials

    The charm of wood
  8. 2013—

    The power of sculpture. Looking for new horizons

    The power of sculpture