Livio Seguso

Towards infinity

The poetry of light

During this period, the artist focuses on the mass supporting the large discoid forms he develops further. The air bubble exposed to light within them creates an unexpected interplay of shapes. He also expands his vision towards other images his imagination suggests but is consistent with the primary idea of spatial forms. However, at the same time, the artist feels another creative impulse marked by contradictory aesthetic and executive features that are unusual. Therefore, he decides to divide the masses into two or more parts and then recompose them in a different order, maintaining the external form from which they came. This solution excites him to share this thought translation simultaneously with the works created previously.

…Livio Seguso’s imagination is of a processual order: ideas and concepts find their own extension at the rhythm of the emergence of forms. The imagination of this glass poet is crystal clear by definition and destiny. The crystalline thought is that of transparency that gives to forms the immaterial dimension of unlimited visual osmosis. The artist demonstrates his organic and even spiritual mastery of matter with great elegance. The final stage of the process appears as a transmutation of matter. The artist then becomes a magician, and the crystal a fragment of infinity, enriched with all the thrills of the organic life of matter.

Pierre Restany, art critic, France