Livio Seguso

The charm of wood

The poetics of materials

For Livio Seguso, the investigation into marble continued, but his curiosity urged him to identify other materials capable of meeting his sculptural and aesthetic needs. In his imagination, he saw very aged wood with irregular surfaces that, in the artist’s view, assumed an intense poetic charge that animated his creative fantasy. After this experience, Seguso expanded his research towards this wood, whose beauty released a charge of seductive lyricism that during this period allowed him to glimpse countless solutions of suggestive compositional harmony.

…Seguso has expanded his experimentation and, therefore, his results to the conjunction-comparison of crystal with stone, marble, and wood, with a leap in quality that involves the broadening of a more articulated and complex sculptural practice in materials and composition, the matrix of unusual solutions, in the image […] sufficient to demonstrate the happy season of a sculptor active for decades and purposefully active in our time. For him, tradition is not remembrance, nostalgia, or worse, archaeology, even of the modern, but a living presence of the past in the present, or rather, a memory of the future.

Luciano Caramel, art critic, Como