Livio Seguso

The power of sculpture

Looking for new horizons

The works of this period, except two monumental sculptures in wood and glass created for two prestigious exhibitions, are all made of black Belgian marble and white Carrara marble and completed with his fascinating crystal forms that are incredible both for their expressive strength and for the intimate relationships that are established between space and light, and between geometric rigor and compositional harmony. In his work, he places no limits on his imagination. He is constantly engaged in obtaining, even from these marble materials, a comprehensive description of the idea in the image, depicting the essence of the form with a well-defined conceptualization, hoping that they can be transformed into a language that makes communication possible with others. For this reason, the exploratory investigation in his creative universe continues to be nourished by new emotional impulses.

…Livio Seguso’s sculptural work occupies a special place in the contemporary Italian sculpture scene, not only because he uses an extraordinary material such as glass. Livio Seguso’s gaze appears directed toward an “invisible continent” that can only manifest itself through the sign of emotion and spirituality. It is a plastic vision that seems to even coincide with a “worldview”, which miraculously manages to give unity to an event that declares both form and matter and provides a concrete substance to light and poetry.

Enzo Di Martino, art critic, Venice